"There isn't anything in sector 14..."
"There is now."
―Dr. Langer and Ullbeck (from Alien vs. Predator)

Doctor Kate Langer[1][2] was a Weyland Industries employee and a supervisor at Receiving Station #6-D in Silver Leaf, Nebraska.


Langer was the supervisor in charge of Receiving Station #6-D in Silver Leaf, Nebraska. She was on duty on October 3, 2004 when Weyland Industries Satellite PS-12 detected a heat bloom in the Yautja pyramid beneath the ice on Bouvet Island, thereby initiating a series of events that led to Charles Bishop Weyland accompanying an expedition to the island to investigate.


  • Langer actress Liz May Brice has a distinctive deep, husky voice; it appears her dialogue in Alien vs. Predator was dubbed over by another actress with a higher-pitched, softer tone.
  • In the novelization of the film, Langer is said to be a man, but she is female in the film.[2]



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