Kata'nu was a young, newly Blooded hunter who accompanied Tli'uukop and two other hunters on an outing to Earth. Of the three hunters, Tli'uukop felt Kata'nu was the only one who showed real promise.


Kata'nu was a thoughtful and intelligent young hunter which, to One-Eye, were traits only the best hunters had. This was in contrast to his fellow students Shriek and Ta'roga, who still carried the bloodlust and inexperience of an Un-Blooded into battle with them despite having proven themselves. Seeking to better himself, he learns at the feet of the retired hunter One-Eye and is the only student who manages not to shame himself.

Despite this, when the Pack reaches Skeld's Keep, he finds himself outnumbered and dueling the men inside to the death. However, One-eye, caring not for the fate of the unarmed and armorless Shriek and Ta'roga, send his remaining two students in to even the odds and save his best pupil. Kata'nu takes an axe to the gut and falls, but does not die. He awakens to instructions to patch himself up by Tli'uukop, in the middle of the battlefield, after everyone is dead or dying. However, instead, he crawls to the remaining warriors and offers them his mask as a trophy.


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