Doctor Kasyanov was the Medical Officer aboard the deep space mining vessel DSMO Marion. She was serving on the ship above LV-178 in 2159 when the miners on the planet below stumbled upon a large number of Xenomorphs deep underground in the mines. The incident eventually led to the destruction of the Marion and the loss of all but one of its crew.

Kasyanov survived the expedition to the mine on LV-178, only to be killed when Ash caused a MedPod she was using to malfunction, slitting her throat with a surgical laser.


Kasyanov served as the Medical Officer of the DMSO Marion while it was stationed at LV-178, where its crew was mining the surface for trimonite. In 2159, both the Marion and the mining complex on the surface were infested with Xenomorphs, and Kasyanov was one of the few crew members who survived the initial chaos, shortly before Ellen Ripley arrives in the Narcissus.

She accompanied her surviving crew to LV-178's surface to recover fuel cells for the Narcissus, hoping to use it to escape. She managed to survive the excursion into the mine and the Drukathi spaceship where the Xenomorph outbreak began. However, upon returning to the Marion, Kasyanov and Ripley were injured in an altercation with a single Xenomorph that remained aboard the ship in their absence. Once the Xenomorph was dealt with, Kasyanov used a Pauling MedPod 720i to heal Ripley, but before she could use the pod for herself, Ash took control of the device and used its surgical lasers to cut her throat. Kasyanov was the final casualty of the LV-178 infestation.

Centuries later, a Weyland-Yutani operation headed by Andrea Rollins returned to LV-178, which had been rechristened as New Galveston at the time, to study the Xenomorphs when their hive on the planet was rediscovered. Rollins accompanied a scientific team aboard the remains of the Marion, which remained floating in the planet's orbit, and found both the remnants of the MedPod and Kasyanov's preserved corpse still sealed within. Examination of both the pod and Kasyanov's body provided the Weyland-Yutani Corporation with details of what happened to the Marion and the mining colony, as well as Ellen Ripley's involvement in the events.[2]

Personality and Traits[]

Kasyanov was a tough but compassionate member of the Marion, who refused to leave anyone behind, even Sneddon who was infected by the Xenomorphs.


For the expedition into the mine on LV-178, Kasyanov armed herself with a handheld plasma torch.


  • The exact manner in which Kasyanov dies differs between novel and audio drama adaptation; in the book, Ash simply has the med pod laser scalpel slit her throat, but in the audio drama she is instead vivisected by multiple lasers.