Karine Oram[2] was a crewmember aboard the colonization spacecraft USCSS Covenant. She was the wife of Chris Oram. She was serving on the Covenant during its disastrous voyage to Origae-6, during which it suffered several catastrophes that resulted in the loss of most of the ship's crew and its hijacking by David.

Karine was part of the expedition team that set down on the Planet 4. She was injured by a Neomorph Bloodburster that attacked her immediately after emerging from Ledward, dying either from her injuries or when the dropship was destroyed shortly afterward.


Karine was first shown in Alien: Covenant - The Last Supper talking to her husband, Oram, about how drunk Tennessee and Faris were. In Alien: Covenant, Karine is shown throwing up after quickly leaving her hypersleep pod during the neutrino blast.

She later comforts ill-at-ease Oram after the blast and tells him that he needs to be the group's leader since Captain Branson had died during the neutrino blast. When Oram got testy over crews not obeying his order, Karine eased him; stating that they too are suffering from an unexpected tragedy and once they reach their destination crews will be his neighbors so he should be more lenient towards them, an advice Chris begrudgingly acknowledges.

After landing on Paradise, Karine traveled with the main group before departing with Ledward to collect soil and water samples from the planet. It is during this time that Ledward was infected by the black goo spores and started becoming extremely sick. After finishing their sample collecting, Karine noticed Ledward's infection and tried to bring him back to the lander. After receiving help from Faris at the lander, Karine brought Ledward to the medical room, where she then tried to help Ledward.

Her attempts prove futile as the Bloodburster then started quickly emerging from Ledward's back. Faris panicked and sealed Karine inside the medical room with Ledward and the Bloodburster, causing Karine to start panicking as well and frantically demanding, pleading then cursing at Faris to open the door, only to see Faris fleeing from the scene. The Bloodburster then erupted from Ledward's back, killing him. While attempting to move away from the Bloodburster, Karine slips and tumbles by Ledward's blood, attracting Bloodburster's attention. The Neomorph turned to face Karine, who grabbed a knife and kicked the Bloodburster against nearby wall in an attempt to defend herself. The Bloodburster quickly recovers, lunging at Karine and proceeded to maul and bite at her rapidly. Upon seeing Faris returning with gun (failing to kill Neomorph in spite of the monster not noticing her at first), the creature leaves bloodied Karine and proceeds to chase the terrified pilot.

Karine perished shortly afterward. It is unknown whether she died from her injuries or when Faris inadvertently blew up the dropship while trying to kill the Neomorph.


Karine was empathetic and kind, having helped carry Ledward to the medbay after he had been infected by something, even trying her best to comfort Ledward who was being torn apart on the inside by the emerging Neomorph.




  1. Oram's actress' (Carmen Ejogo) height is 5ft 6 (168 cm), so that is also how tall Oram would have been.
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