KOI–817.01 was a planet located in the KOI-817 System of the Far Spinward Colonies. Brahms Outpost was situated on KOI–817.01.


KOI–817.01 was settled by Weyland Corp prior to 2071 and terraformed, and at some point Brahms Outpost was established. Following the formation of the Three World Empire, KOI–817.01 became one of its member worlds alongside the rest of the Far Spinward Colonies. A solar flare accident at a Weyland Corp data center later erased much of the data on KOI–817.01; moreover, in the early 2100s, KOI–817.01 and the Far Spinward Colonies were cut off from the rest of civilized space by a series of cosmic phenomena dubbed The Isolation.

Climate and terrain[]

Nightly temperatures on KOI–817.01 could reach as low as -67°C and below. The planet's landscape included at least one active volcano.


Resources on KOI–817.01 included cerium, lithium, aluminum, and methane.

Points of interest[]

Brahms Outpost was situated on KOI–817.01. The colony was constructed atop an active volcano, and later expanded down its side.