KOI–571.02 was a desert planet located in the KOI-571 System in the Outer Veil. Originally a Weyland Corp colony world, KOI–571.02 was later taken over by the socialist Union of Progressive Peoples, with its former Weyland facilities used to manufacture and test equipment and weapons for the bloc.


Around a century prior to 2184, KOI–571.02 was terraformed, and Corinth Colony and the Ouragan Testing Facility were established. Production plants around which Corinth was built supported Ouragan, which produced storm rifles and synthetics for Weyland Corp. As of 2184, KOI–571.02 and its installations were under the control of the socialist Union of Progressive Peoples, with Corinth and Ouragan being used to manufacture and test technologies for the UPP. Both the colony and the testing facility were destroyed in separate nuclear strikes following a Biodrone Xenomorph outbreak on KOI–571.02 instigated by the secretive Deep Void organization.[1]

Climate and terrain[]

The atmosphere on KOI–571.02 was breathable for humans, with a mean temperature of 30°C. The planet's terraformed surface featured dusty savannahs and brackish waterways, and at least one desert plain.[1]


As of 2184, KOI–571.02's population was estimated to be 5,000.[1]


Industry on KOI–571.02 included UPP state company Norcomm's security technology development and testing programs, as well as the production plants at Corinth. Key resources were classified, however.[1]

Points of interest[]

Corinth Colony, its production facilities, and the Ouragan Testing Facility were situated in the midst of a desert plain on KOI–571.02.[1]