Julie was a Weyland-Yutani Corporation employee and botanist working in Greenhouse 112 on LV-492. She was working there when a single Xenomorph Facehugger got loose in the complex.

Julie survived the incident, thanks largely to the facility's synthetic guard dog Maggie.


Early life

Julie attended graduate school, where she became very close with her professor (and later boss on LV-492) Dev. After graduating, she was inspired to join a career in off-world botany thanks to Dev's frequent stories about summers spent working in the greenhouses on LV-492 and the lucrative paycheck he received.[1]


Upon reaching LV-492, Julie discovered the work of a botanist on the planet was tedious and dull — the greenhouses there served merely as a hub through which plants pass on their way to other destinations, most of what the botanists do is simply keeping them stable and healthy, and few people show interest in the limited research carried out.[1]

Personality and Traits

Julie was reliable and intelligent, traits that proved highly valuable on LV-492 where most of those working with her were lazy and incompetent. She also felt a sense of betrayal and disappointment upon discovering Dev's lack of passion for their work.[1]




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