Julia Jones was a reporter for The Colonial Times and had wrote articles on Seegson.


Julia was a reporter who had lived on the Sevastopol Station for two months and had written several articles on the current conditions of the station. The articles were known as "Sevastopol: An outpost of progress?" Aside from her news articles, she had also recorded some audio logs that were scattered around Sevastopol.

She reported on activity after the decommissioning of Sevastopol and how the people were becoming more "angry, desperate and increasingly divided." The Marshals were also receiving greater resentment for their "clamp-down" on black market dealings on the station that were established after the decommissioning.

Julia also reported the events that unfolded in the Sevastopol Spaceflight Terminal with Marshal Waits, whom after receiving numerous demands arranged a public meeting to address rumors about the Marshal's suspicious activity. However, instead of giving answers he continued to be evasive, with Julia stating that "after only a few minutes he and his team were pelted by projectiles from an angry crowd. A gun was fired, there was panic and now Waits and what's left of his team are forcibly ejecting us from the terminal."

Most notably, she sent a message to Dr K. Lingard, requesting to interview her about her experiences on the station regarding the absence of adequate medical resources, the condition of patients mentally affected by deep space travel, and more importantly, a recent incident that she suspected of being a "major public health issue."

When people began disappearing, Julia was initially excited, as this would make for a much greater story. However, when the station began breaking down into total chaos, with a mounting death toll and communications having been disabled, she eventually realized that she was just as much of a "victim" as everyone else on board the station.


  • A cut script for Alien: Isolation showed that Julia had visited medical on the 28th December 2136 and been diagnosed with "sleeplessness and anxiety". 
  • The ID card image for Julia Jones is titled "LEEM1", hinting that she was portrayed by a member of staff named "Lee M", although the person's full name is unknown. 
  • In Mission 4, two civilians are seen running into the local departure bay. It is possible one of these individuals may have been Jones, as her ID Tag is found within.


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