Concept art of the Juggernaut from Prometheus.

The Juggernaut is a type of extraterrestrial spacecraft used by the Engineer species. Its exact purpose and function is unknown, though it seemed to be a commonly used multi-purpose transport vehicle and the Engineer's primary method of interstellar travel.


Juggernauts are large, asymmetrical, wishbone-shaped spacecrafts, with thickened central sections between two horns, which bend upwards. The ships typically have numerous places of entry, though they have three large openings near ground level between two horns, leading into the interior of the Juggernaut. Juggernaut interiors are designed in a highly bio-organic fashion, resembling more of a living organism than a space-going vessel, with skeletal walls, circular gangways and steep passageways.

A Juggernaut's bridge consists of 4 Sarcophagi, a control mechanism made out of some sort of biological-like material, which is activated through the use of an Engineer flute and the pilot's seat on the center of the bridge.


It is unknown how many crewmembers are typically required to man the whole ship, though the vessel seems to be able to function reliably with as little as a single pilot. Judging from the sheer size of the ship, however, it would be possible for the ship to have easily carried hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Notable ships

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