"You fucking pendejos!"
Juan Beltran (from Predator 2)

Juan Beltran was a Los Angeles resident and street vendor, living in the city in 1997.[3]



Juan ran a small street vending company, Juan's Instant Tacos, selling tacos from a trolley on the sidewalk.[3]

The shootout[]

"My beautiful cantina, everything I own, they shot it to pieces."
Juan Beltran (from Predator 2)

Juan was working at his stall when a large shootout between El Scorpio and the Los Angeles Police Department erupted on the street, unintentionally destroying his stall. Despite the battle raging nearby, he was more than happy to give an angry interview to Bill Lewellyn denouncing the Colombians and the violent crime they had brought to the neighborhood. Beltran even began hurling insults at the Colombians directly, but when a stray bullet narrowly missed him he came to his senses and fled the scene.

Personality and traits[]

Juan was somewhat unflinching despite the ongoing shootout nearby, even cussing the Colombians out in anger after having his taco stand destroyed. However, this "tough-guy" act was not infallible and he fled the scene immediately once a stray bullet flew overhead.



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