"I don't like this..."
Richter (from Aliens versus Predator 2)

Captain Jonas Richter is a character in Aliens versus Predator 2.


Richter was a smuggler used by Weyland-Yutani to smuggle Xenomorph Eggs from LV-1201 aboard his cargo vessel, the Aurora. Suspicious of the Company's doings, he would often try to scan his cargo to get an idea of what it was, to no avail. On September 23, 2230, Richter was arrested by WY guard Lloyd on General Rykov's orders,[1] presumably after his illicit scans were discovered. He was transferred to the Forward Observation Pods on Dr. Eisenberg's orders on November 27, 2230,[2] probably for Xenomorph impregnation.

Andrew Harrison, having just escaped from a holding cell, passed a terrified Richter in another holding cell.[3] Presumably, Richter died when Tomiko destroyed the Pods.[4]



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