Detective John Schaefer[1] was a tough, bold, wise-cracking detective in the New York City Police Department and older brother to Alan "Dutch" Schaefer.


Schaefer was an immigrant who was granted an American citizenship in 1975, joined the NYPD in 1978, and made Detective in 1986. He is fluent in English, French and Russian.

From 1989 throughout the 1990s, Schaefer encountered several Yautja Hunters similar to the one his younger brother encountered in Guatemala in 1987, in New York City and internationally.

This began when he faced a Predator who was interrupting a gangwar in New York City in the summer of 1989. He traveled back to Guatemala to try and find out more about his brother and fought another Predator there. And eventually faced a fleet of Predator ships over New York City in a street battle with gang-members, police, military and the aliens.

In 1990, he fought Predators again when the government flew him to Siberia to track down a damaged Predator ship that crashed there.

In 1996, Schaefer returned again to Guatemala searching for truth about what happened to his brother and again faced the Predator he thought he had killed there seven years earlier.


  • Schaefer has been the lead character in three Predator comics miniseries, including the first ever Predator comic, Predator: Concrete Jungle. He then returned in the sequel series Predator: Cold War (1990), and Predator: Dark River (1996).
  • Throughout the majority of his appearances, Schaefer's first name was never revealed. In fact, it was not given until the second issue of the comic series Predator: Hunters III, published more than 30 years after the character's first appearance.




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