"'Surgically removed before embryo implantation. Subject: Marachuk, John J., died during the procedure.' They killed him taking it off."
Bishop, reading from Marachuk's medical chart (from Aliens)

John J. Marachuk was a colonist and maintenance engineer[1] living at Hadley's Hope on Acheron. He was killed when the Facehugger attached to him was forcibly removed before it could implant its embryo inside his chest. The Facehugger was subsequently stored inside the colony's med lab.


Facehugger victim

Marachuk was attacked by a Facehugger in the sub-level access tunnel to the Atmosphere Processor some time after Hadley's Hope was exposed to the Xenomorphs, where he was discovered.[1] The attempt to surgically remove the creature before it could implant a Chestburster inside him ended disastrously: the colony's surgeon, Dr. Biggs, made an incision across the Facehugger's back and consequently was sprayed across the face and throat with acidic blood, killing him. The Facehugger was then pulled off by two medtechs and secured in a specimen jar; Marachuk himself was killed in the process.[1]


CAT scan and MRI were used in the post-mortem along with blood panels by medtech Gainsford, who completed his report into Marachuk's death on July 17.[1] Gaisford found evidence of a toxic chemical dump in the blood panels, which occurred when the Facehugger was pulled free; in essence, the Facehugger sensed its removal was imminent, and killed Marachuk with a chemical overdose as a result. The myocardial infarction (heart attack) brought on by traumatic shock and poisoning is what caused Marachuk's death.[1]

The precise circumstances of Marachuk's demise remain unclear — it is possible his death was simply an accident resulting from a desire to remove the creature in an attempt to spare him the fate that the other victims endured. However, a more sinister possibility is that Dr. Biggs was interested solely in recovering a live Facehugger, presumably for study, and that Marachuk's survival was of no concern.

Bishop reads papers

Lance Bishop reads Marachuk's chart.

The Facehugger survived the procedure and was eventually stored in a preservation tank in the colony's med lab, where it remained alive when the United States Colonial Marines from the USS Sulaco arrived, along with one other. Marachuk's medical chart, detailing the cause of his death, was found by Lance Bishop. The Facehugger removed from him was later released by Carter Burke in an attempt to impregnate Ripley and Newt, before being killed by the Marines.




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