Joe Phillips (born February 13, 1969) is an American comic book artist who has provided art for several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens line. He was notably one of two cover artists to contribute to the Aliens: Space Marines mini-comics, included exclusively with figures from Kenner Products' Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator toy lines, the other being Mark A. Nelson.


Born in Atlanta in 1969 and currently based out of San Diego, California, Phillips has also worked as an animator, designer and sculptor.

Phillips graduated from the Northside School of the Arts in Atlanta, where he learned skills such as set design and designing costumes, and then began book, magazine and product illustration work in 1983. Upon graduation he travelled to Europe where he furthered his artistic skills, taking part in various projects such as guerrilla street art.

Upon his return to the United States, he joined the comic book industry in 1987 with work on the comic book title Southern Knights. Over the course of his subsequent comics career, Phillips has provided interior and cover art for such publishers as DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Image, Wildstorm, Now and others.

His first major comic book job was working on the comic book Speed Racer for seven issues. His first cover art was in August 1989 for Mister Miracle #7, He continued to work on Miracle until its end in 1991. From then onwards, he produced artwork for titles including Justice League of America, Silver Surfer, X-Men, Legion of Super-Heroes, The Incredible Hulk and Lobo. In 1991 he worked under George Pérez as a penciller on Wonder Woman for two issues.

Phillips was one of the founding members of Gai-Jin Studios, a comic book studio whose past members include artists such as Adam Hughes and Brian Stelfreeze. In late 1992 he began work on the revival of Timber Wolf where he worked as both a penciller and as the cover artist, this run lasted for an entire story arc. In 1996 he created a new comic book character, The Heretic, of which he was both a writer and artist. The title was released by Dark Horse. Other later work included Captain America, Wolverine, Green Lantern and Superboy. In 2008 he worked on the Doctor Who comic book.

Phillips has also painted and drawn trading cards for such leading companies as Wizards of the Coast, Fleer and Upper Deck.

In the 2000s, Phillips started to produce gay-themed comics and artwork, most notably his own "Joe Boys" line and comic strip, and gay-themed projects would continue to make up a more major portion of his workload in the following decade. His current clients include Xodus USA, Justus Boys, and Jocko, creating packaging and product art for T-shirts, magnets and clothing. He has also done packaging and video art for recording artists Drew Mason, Ari Gold and Kreis.


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