"Hey, can you hear me?! It's Connors! Where are you?!"
Connors (from Alien vs. Predator)

Joe Connors was a mercenary and a member of Max Stafford's private military team. In 2004, Stafford's team was hired by Charles Bishop Weyland to accompany a Weyland Industries expedition to Bouvetøya, Antarctica. The expedition's objective was to investigate an ancient Pyramid buried beneath the ice there, with Stafford's team present to provide security. The Pyramid was discovered to be a Yautja temple and hunting ground where the Predators would breed Xenomorphs for use in their Hunts, and the expedition soon became caught up in the battle between the two species.

Connors was captured by the Xenomorphs and cocooned, dying when the Chestburster inside him emerged.


Exploring the pyramid[]

"We have power."
Connors, setting up the base camp in the cavern (from Alien vs. Predator)

Connors was among the first to descend to the pyramid, helping to plant lights on the shaft's walls during the descent. Once in the ice cavern at the tunnel's base, he took charge of setting up the expedition's forward camp, including the generators that provided power for the lights needed to illuminate the huge space.

When the group pushed on into the pyramid, Connors was given the job of filming their discoveries using a video camera. Unfortunately, he became so engrossed in documenting the team's progress that he failed to notice a pressure switch in the floor of the entrance hallway; he stepped on the panel, and in doing so unintentionally activated the mechanisms deep within the structure that revived the captive Xenomorph Queen held there.[1]

Capture and death[]

Connors, shouting out for help (from Alien vs. Predator)

When the expedition took a turn for the worse, Connors and the rest of Stafford's men armed themselves. When the group was subsequently attacked by Scar, Connors was caught off guard as the pyramid began to shift and fell into a lower chamber. Despite calling out to Verheiden for help, the mercenary froze and Connors was trapped when the hole into which he had fallen was sealed off by the shifting stone. Now separated from the others, Connors quickly fell victim to a Xenomorph, which dragged him away to be host for a Chestburster.[2] He was cocooned in the Hive constructed by the Xenomorphs in the pyramid's sacrificial chamber, and his corpse was found by Dr. Miller when he too shared a similar fate, being cocooned directly beside him.

Personality and Traits[]

Despite being a highly trained mercenary, Connors panicked when the Predators attacked the group inside the pyramid, and his fear became even more severe when he was trapped alone in the cramped tunnels into which he fell.


During the descent through the ice, Connors used a Weyland Industries piton gun to attach lights to the shaft's walls. As part of Stafford's mercenary team, he armed himself with a Heckler & Koch G36 fitted with a flashlight and lime green laser sight within the pyramid when the team began to take casualties. After he was taken by a Xenomorph, his abandoned G36 was later discovered by Verheiden, covered in slime.