The Jockey-Xenomorph[citation needed] is a Xenomorph born from an Engineer. The Jockey-Xenomorph is usually huge in size, far larger than any typical human-spawned Xenomorph. Their height is most likely 12'+ feet tall.


  • In Alien, Dallas, Lambert, and Kane discovered a derelict Engineer ship on LV-426 and inside found a fossilized Engineer in a Chair Suit with a large hole torn in his chest, its ribcage bent outwards, the result of a Chestburster emerging from within. The resultant Xenomorph, however, is never seen in the film, and owing to the fossilized nature of the Engineer's corpse it seems likely that it has since died of either starvation or natural causes.
  • In the comic Aliens: Apocalypse a living Engineer is infected and its offspring is a huge Xenomorph that attacks normal human-spawned Xenomorphs on sight. A formidable creature, it manages to lay waste to a whole Hive. This version of the creature is no longer canon as the Engineers in Prometheus have been revealed to be vastly different from their depiction in the comics. However, the Xenomorph itself looks like a possible candidate to have come from an Engineer.
  • In the Nintendo DS game Aliens: Infestation a Jockey Alien appears as the second boss of the game. Its appearance is considerably different from that seen in Apocalypse, as it possesses a trunk and clearly visible eyes. However, this is not what a Jockey Xenomorph would actually look like since, although the trunk was presumed to be part of the Space Jockey at first, Prometheus shows that it is part of a suit. It attacks by stomping, swiping and regurgitating large quantities of acid.

Behind the scenes

A Jockey-Xenomorph was originally going to appear in Prometheus, where it was known as the Ultramorph,[1] but the creature was cut before filming, replaced instead with the Deacon, a creature born from a Trilobite impregnating an Engineer.

In Jon Spaihts' original script for the film, titled Alien: Engineers, the Ultramorph attacks Jocelyn Watts following the destruction of the Juggernaut.[1] In the actual film, this role was instead given to the Last Engineer.

Concept art of the Ultra-Morph produced for the film much more closely resembles H. R. Giger's original print than do other Xenomorph forms.



Concept art

See also

  • Deacon - a similar Engineer-spawned creature.


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