The Jockey-Xenomorph[citation needed] was a Xenomorph born from an Engineer. The Jockey-Xenomorph was usually massive in size, far larger than any typical human-spawned Xenomorph.


Spawned from a Space Jockey, the Jockey-Xenomorph attacked human-spawned Xenomorphs on sight. A formidable creature, it was capable of laying waste to a whole Hive. At least one variant attacked by stomping, swiping, and regurgitating large quantities of acid.

Behind the scenes[]

A Jockey-Xenomorph was originally going to appear in Prometheus, where it was known as the Ultramorph,[1] but the creature was cut before filming, replaced instead with the Deacon, a creature born from a Trilobite impregnating an Engineer.

In Jon Spaihts' original script for the film, titled Alien: Engineers, the Ultramorph attacks Jocelyn Watts following the destruction of the Juggernaut.[1] In the actual film, this role was instead given to the Last Engineer.

Concept art of the Ultra-Morph produced for the film much more closely resembles H. R. Giger's original print than do other Xenomorph forms.



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  • Deacon - a similar Engineer-spawned creature.