Jocelyn Watts was the main protagonist in Jon Spaihts' unmade Alien prequel script Alien: Engineers. When the script was rewritten, the character (now slightly changed) was renamed Elizabeth Shaw, who became the protagonist of Prometheus.


Much like Shaw in the finished film, Watts was involved in a romantic relationship with her colleague Holloway (Martin Holloway in Spaihts' script), and the pair convinced Weyland Industries to fund an expedition to a distant system in the hopes of finding Engineers. She is later deliberately impregnated with a Chestburster by David, forcing her to attempt to remove the embryo with a MedPod; she actually perishes during the procedure, but the pod is able to resuscitate her and save her life.


  • The MedPod sequence is not the only scene shared by Watts and Shaw — others include a scene where Watts is almost blown away by a severe storm, only to be saved by David, a sequence where Watts and Holloway perform an autopsy on a severed Engineer head, and Watts and several other survivors encountering a final surviving Engineer inside the Engineer complex, which quickly turns hostile and attacks them.