Jill, along with her wife Chris, was a member of the crew aboard the Geryon, which was sent on a "salvage mission" on the moon LV-223.


Unlike most of the crew who explored the terrain of LV-223, Jill stayed behind aboard the Helios.

Captain Angela Foster and the others, after exploring through a lush jungle, encounter an old vessel from the colony Hadley's Hope located on the neighboring moon LV-426 — containing a horde of hostile Xenomorphs which they unwittingly unleash.

Meanwhile a group of Xenomorphs suddenly attack the Helios, with the ship going on lockdown to prevent the creatures getting in. Jill becomes concerned and contacts her wife Chris to tell her that she's currently okay.

An unhinged Elden, mutated from the black goo which Francis had injected into him, approached the surrounded Helios and the Xenomorphs allow him to open the hatch to the Helios. The Xenomorphs stormed into the ship and began slaughtering those inside. Jill and whats left of the crew of the Helios manage to escape from the ship on ATVs. Jill manages to rescue a fellow crew member, Singh, by ramming the ATV into a Xenomorph, killing it and saving Singh's life. The crew retreats into the derelict that Angela and her crew had previously encountered.

Angela, Jill and the rest of the group become ambushed by Xenomorphs. The creatures slaughtered the remaining members and only Angela, Jill and Chris survive. They retreat back to Derrick Russel's cave and set up camp.

During a rescue mission by Colonial Marines, Jill's wife is captured by the Xenomorphs and impregnated with a royal embryo. Correctly assuming that Chris has been implanted, Jill makes a deal with Lorimer, a Weyland-Yutani employee. The deal stipulates that she will hand over Chris to the company in order to have the embryo surgically removed, presumably saving the latter's life, in return the company gets a specimen for their bio-weapons division. However, a series of events involving the Yautja resulted in Lorimer's death.


  • Jill and Chris are the second LGBT married couple to be introduced in the comics, the novel of Aliens versus Predator: Prey had Roth and Jaime but this was downplayed or omitted in the comic version.


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