Jeri is a synthetic model designed to infiltrate Xenomorph Hives. As such, he is nearly identical to a Xenomorph in every way, except that he has the ability to talk.


Named after an entertainer from the 20th century, Jerry Lewis, Jeri was a synthetic Xenomorph developed by Grant-Corp, based on the original Xeno-hive infiltration synthetic, Norbert, originally designed by Dr. Mayakovsky. Unlike Norbert, Jeri had a more developed and friendly personality, substantially improved reasoning skills and Asimov protocols that prevented him from harming humans.

As a Xenomorph Hive infiltration synthetic, he was equipped with artificial pheromone secreters, in order to blend into the Hive. Jeri also had a sense of dignity that left him embarrassed when his supervisor, Dr. Casper Nordling, made him smoke a cigar using his inner jaw, for cheap laughs. Grant-Corp security auditor Joy Strunk was initially very wary of Jeri, believing that he was spying on her and her husband Philip. However, when Joy and Philip found themselves drugged and waking up in Nordling's Alien Hive, Jeri came to their rescue. While attempting to aid the Strunks, they came across a smuggler named Chaut who was buying Xenomorph Eggs from Nordling illegally for Bio-Dynamic. Chaut tried to get Jeri to do his thing with smoking one of the cigars that Nordling had given him, but Jeri explains he was in a hurry and Chaut told him to keep the cigar.

Jeri did not get along with a fellow synthetic named Dean, mainly due to Dean's primary purpose — to destroy Xenomorphs — meaning Jeri often found himself on the business end of Dean's plasma rifle. Jeri's ability to speak has saved on more than one occasion. Jeri did find himself threatened by Dean when helping the Strunks access Nordling's records. After Dean stood down, Philip attacked Nordling, but Jeri's First Law Programming kicked in, Preventing Strunk from harming Nordling. When it came to other androids however, Jeri had no such programming and attacked Lizzy, another fellow Synthetic, to defend the Strunks, or the Aliens.

Dr. Payne broke out the weapons after Nordling released the Xenomorphs from their hive into the facility. Jeri and Dean joined with other synthetics to combat the Aliens. This allowed the Strunks to escape despite Joy's objection of leaving Jeri and the other Snythetics behind. Jeri does mused how abstruse Joy was, particularly in times of crisis. Jeri has demonstrated the ability and skill to navigate complex computer systems, as well as utilize a standard issue pulse rifle in a combat situation. At this point, a severely damaged Jeri manages to get on board Nordling's emergency escape pod, surprising the scientist. With his systems failing, particularly his Asimov protocols, he did Nordling's favorite trick of smoking a cigar (which was laced with one of Nordling's viruses that activated by extreme heat) that was given to him by Chaut, which was originally given by Nordling himself in order to kill the smuggler, with his inner jaw. Jeri then puffed smoke in Nordling's face, telling him, "but I still know a son of a bitch when I see one", killing him. What happened to Jeri is unknown, but since his systems were failing, it can be assumed that Jeri was deactivated or shut down.



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