Jasper was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps in the late 2170s. He was a squad mate of Corporal Wilks during their squad's mission to the colony on Rim in 2179.

Mission on Rim

Jasper and his squad were escaping from the colony as the reactors were close to reaching critical levels; among the survivors were himself, Wilks, Ellis, Quinn, and a young girl that survived over a month with the creatures. Wilks, carrying the girl, needed to force open a locked door to escape the facility and the Xenomorphs that killed the colonists. Wilks asked Jasper to take the girl, who wouldn't let go. Wilks told her that he needed to open the door and that Jasper would take care of her. As Wilks was burning through the lock with his torch a Xenomorph ambushed and killed Jasper with a headbite as another creature made off with the girl. Ultimately Wilks and the girl survived the incident.



  1. Aliens: Earth Hive starts in 2192. The incident on Rim happened thirteen years earlier.
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