Jason Ames was a captain in the Union Army. In 1863, he faced off against a Yautja during the American Civil War.


In 1863, during the American Civil War, Ames was interrogated by "Stonewall" Jackson and revealed that he and others in the Union Army had been attacked by a lone figure, a demon with glowing eyes who took the bodies of those it killed, in reality, a Yautja.

Later realizing that the unknown enemy now hunted them all, Jackson gave Ames a gun and offered to return him to his own lines unharmed if he helped them fight their mysterious attacker. After an encounter with the creature, Ames fled in terror, to be followed by Jackson.

While later fighting the creature, Jackson suddenly heard Ames call out to him, and the creature was hit by a hail of grapeshots fired from a Union canon, killing it.

Ames arrived on horseback and prepared to burn the creature's body to conceal its existence from the rest of his army, fearing the psychological effect it may have on them. Remembering Jackson's promise to release him if he aided in killing the creature, he gave Jackson the horse and told him to return to his own lines.

After reminding each other that, regardless of their ordeal, they would show each other no mercy on the field of battle the next day, they parted ways.



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