Jae Lee (born 1972) is an American comic book artist who provided cover art for the comic Aliens vs. Predator: Annual #1 for Dark Horse Comics.

Known for his dark and gothic yet photorealistic style, Lee came to prominence in the comics field as the artist of The Inhumans for a very critically acclaimed miniseries by Marvel Comics in the 2000s. He subsequently worked for a wide range of titles at Marvel, but has also worked for other major comics companies such as DC Comics and Image Comics.

Lee's cover art for the AVP Annual was also re-used in a slightly edited form as the cover of the DVD-promo comic Alien vs. Predator: Whoever Wins...We Lose. More recently Lee was the artist for the much-publicized adaptation into comics of author Stephen King's Dark Tower novel series.

Jae Lee is of Korean descent.


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