The Isolated Clan[1] is a Clan of Hunters hailing from a mountainous world with either freezing cold or blazing hot temperatures. Scar, Celtic, and Chopper are three of its named members.


This clan lives isolated from other clans in extreme temperatures. Since Yautja are heat-preferring creatures, they have special Thermal Netting among other technology that allows them to comfortably inhabit the world. Despite being isolated, it at least shares the Blooding ritual practice with others of the Predator race. The Isolated clan would be one of two clans who would be responsible for the existence of a Predalien. The other clan would be the Elite Clan.


Scar, Celtic and Chopper


Apparently, the Isolated clan has special spiked-footing and thermal netting as well as Full body armor specially designed for surviving the cold. This is something few other cans can do.


  • In the AVP:2010, the hunter Dark was sent to cleanse The Abomination from the Yautja bloodline. It may be possible that Wolf, the hunter who recieved Bull's distress signal, could also be from this clan. Indeed, the world where he appears to live is very, very arid. However, the Council of Ancients were unrelated to the Poacher clan in AVP: Extinction and still sent it's successor clan to clean up their mess - another predator/alien abomination - the Predalien Queen, so there may be no relation.


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