"You're not gonna leave me, are you, Bruno?"
Isabella (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Isabella Borgia was an industrialist and the founder and former CEO of Borgia Industries. Together with her son Hunter, she was credited with the reconstruction of Neonopolis after the almost complete destruction of the original city, New Way City, by the Yautja known as Scarface.

Isabella's lifespan was unnaturally prolonged when she was exposed to Scarface's Yautja blood. She later formed the biological core of the first MOTHER supercomputer that governed the day-to-day operation of Neonopolis. She was finally killed when Scarface returned to Neonopolis in 2030, destroying her body at the center of MOTHER's core.


Meeting the New Way Devil[]

"You think that makes you the boss now? Are you going to kill a woman and her baby to prove it?"
Isabella to the New Way Devil, regarding his killing of Bruno (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

After marrying Bruno Borgia, Isabella soon became pregnant with his child. In 1930, on the night that she went into labor, Bruno launched a campaign of riots across the city designed to wipe out his criminal rivals and grant him — and his children after him — complete control of the city. Isabella was taken to a church for safety, and it was here that she gave birth to her son, Hunter, atop the church's altar. No sooner had Hunter been delivered than the New Way Devil, a Predator that was stalking the city, appeared before her, Bruno's severed head in its hand, having just defeated the mob boss in hand-to-hand combat.

As the Predator approached her and removed its bio-helmet, Isabella drew a revolver concealed in her dress and shot the creature in the eye, splattering both herself and her newborn son with its blood. More of Bruno's men arrived and chased the wounded Predator away, and Isabella was saved. Shortly afterwards, the Self-Destruct Device aboard the New Way Devil's ship detonated, destroying most of the city, but Isabella and her son survived, no doubt protected from the blast by the thick stone walls of the church.

Rise to power[]

"Their technology has made us rich and powerful."
MOTHER, to Lucretia (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

In the aftermath of the explosion that levelled New Way City, Isabella quickly began to build a power base, presumably starting by taking control of Bruno's mob. In the following years, she founded Borgia Industries, through which she oversaw the reconstruction of New Way City, now known as Neonopolis. Her company also developed incredibly advanced new combat technologies by reverse-engineering equipment the New Way Devil had left behind during its hasty retreat in 1930. These products, known as Prometheus Tech, allowed Borgia Industries to become a market leader in high-tech battlefield equipment and weaponry. The company grew into an enormously successful corporation, and Isabella became an incredibly wealthy woman.

Becoming MOTHER[]

Her exposure to the New Way Devil's blood in 1930 granted Isabella an unusually prolonged lifespan, allowing her to survive well into the new millennium. However, even so, the effects of old age eventually began to take their toll. Control of Borgia Industries passed to her son Hunter, who continued the family's quest for Yautja technology. Eventually, her body now failing her, Isabella took one last step to elevate her control over Neonopolis to an even higher plane — within Borgia Towers, she donated her mind and body to form the organic core of a biological supercomputer that was linked into virtually every system in the city, controlling the day-to-day operation of Neonopolis and overseeing the distribution of Prometheus Tech amongst its criminal gangs. Now housed inside a giant tank of preserving fluid and hard-wired into the city's electronic network, Isabella become MOTHER, the AI brain of the city.

As MOTHER, Isabella would ultimately be killed by the very Predator that had given her so much, the New Way Devil, now known as Scarface thanks to the wounds she had caused it.

Personality and Traits[]

Whereas Isabella could have been seen as the typical gangster's moll during her early life, submissive and devoted to her husband Bruno, her encounter with the New Way Devil drastically changed her as a person. She became far harder, colder and more clinical, turning from a willing trophy wife into an all-powerful industrialist at the head of a vast multinational conglomerate; her achievements as the founder and CEO of Borgia Industries speak for themselves. However, with this newfound drive and corporate-mindedness came a deterioration in her personal relationships — although Isabella remained close with her son Hunter, their shared reverence for the Yautja likely cementing their bond, she became increasingly distant from her granddaughter Lucretia, a character trait that became stronger still after Isabella gave herself up to be the basis of the MOTHER program.

Relationship with Scarface[]

"We only had that one night, but I never did get over you."
―MOTHER to Scarface, just before he kills her.

Scarface and Isabella

Isabella was seemingly obsessed with Scarface, the Predator that gave her and her son such unnaturally extended lifespans. She revered him, feared him, and many of the things she said to or about him carried distinctly romantic, even sexual undertones. To that end, while Isabelle considered herself the "mother" of Neonopolis, she viewed Scarface as its "father". Despite this reverence, she did not hesitate to unleash a Hive of Xenomorphs on the Yautja when confronted by him.




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