"My brother works for the news net. He says the Corporation has special teams for problem solving. I don't remember all the names, but the Iron Bears definitely came up. They've been accused of kidnappings, assassinations, mass murders... you name it. There's a joke that the only problem with sending the Bears to educate a town is that afterward, there's no more town."
―A Weyland-Yutani guard

The Iron Bears was a private military contractor based out of Russia[1] and other Slavic, Baltic states[citation needed] (as most of the mercs have Russian accents) employed by Weyland-Yutani to "baby sit" and provide security for the personnel and assets on LV-1201. They fought gallantly, but the Xenomorph infestation was more than they could handle and a number of the "Corporates" were killed or captured by the Xenomorphs.


By the time the USCM arrived on scene, the facility, the personnel as well as the Russians were quite low in number. During the Marine campaign, Andrew "Frosty" Harrison restored some of the systems of the facility; he unknowingly shut down or cut off many of the Iron Bears' improvised security programs, most likely trapping or killing them (as Vassili Rykov states that "you might have killed more than we know"), this caused the death of Dunya's fiance Dimitri and sets her motives in motion. 

In Primal Hunt, the Iron Bears gets a more prominent role; apparently during the story, they were running a little smuggling ring; they along with trusted Facility personnel, attempted to sell Pilot technology for some extra scratch in their paychecks. The player basically gets to play the game from Dunya's point of view and gets to see and steal a Pilot device from the temple; at the price of losing her comrades who accompanied her there. Later, Dunya and some remaining Iron Bears attempt to escape the pods and the Aliens. Rykov orders her to retrieve the Artifact from earlier for immediate dust off, but upon arriving, she witnessed the Predator taking it; fortunately for Dunya, Rykov had encountered the creatures before and orders her to make a run for it and help other Iron Bears escape. After doing so and reuniting with Dimitri, she made it out of the pods before the destruction with other surviving Iron Bears. 

Weapons and Equipment

The Iron Bears would use a lot of the same weapons wield by the colonial marines. This probably due to the fact that Weyland-Yutani makes some of the Colonial Marines' weapons. Since the Iron Bears are mercenaries hired by Weyland-Yutani it is safe to say that they would wield the same weapons used by the USCM. The Iron Bears have special motion trackers that scan in a 360 degree radius.


  • In multiplayer, the Runner class of Xenomorph is spawned by a facehugger impregnating members of the Iron Bears.



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