Infectoids seen in Avp (Arcade)

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ripley facing some zombies

This infectoid zombie is an enemy found in the 1990 Aliens video game.

An Infectoid is a living creature (usually human) infected with a different type of Facehugger. Instead of being sedated and glued to the Hive's walls, they run freely, acting in a zombie-like state and attacking nearby intruders. If a Yautja is infected, it will become insane and attack even its own kind.

In the Aliens arcade game, the infectoids could shoot turrets and other guns as well as fight with knives and metal pipes in AVP arcade. The Infectoids were shown to have a blue skin coloration, this may be because the skin has turned pale, such as what happens to a corpse after periods of time. Even Predators showed such coloration in their skin. It also seems that Infectoids don't have to see with their eyes, as they always have their heads limp when they fight in AVP arcade.


They have a "classic" zombie appearance but with a hump on their back and a blue skin.


Aside from biting/eating any humans they see, these zombies are more smarter, capable of using human weapons. If the player is close enough, chestbursters will spawn from them; though this will not kill them.

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