"The Mk.35 sucks in a firefight. You have to learn certain ways of moving your limbs or the hard joints lock the wrong way. If this happens it can take a couple of seconds to shake the joint loose - enough time to get yourself shot."
―Unnamed Colonial Marine, regarding the Mk.35
Pressure suit

A Marine armed with an M41A Pulse Rifle in an IRC Mk.35 Pressure suit.

The IRC Mk.35 Pressure suit[1] was a military issued EVA pressure suit used primarily by the United States Colonial Marine Corps in the 2170s.


Bulky but well protected, the Mk.35 is a single element suit which requires no additional protective or thermal regulation garments. Constant-volume hard joints combined with flexible limb and torso elements allow for full mobility, even in a vacuum, and the suit includes the option of a 100% oxygen supply for use at low pressures, air for normal pressures, or a 2% oxygen supply with nitrogen and helium for operations in high pressure environments. Though comfortable and easy to use, the Mk.35 is rarely used at low pressure and in hard vacuum, partly because of the need to decompress the wearer to prevent the suit 'ballooning', and also because of the bulky life-support system needed to maintain suit pressure.[2]


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