"Attachment model “flamethrower”; the pressurized tank contains a fuel/magnesium liquid combination that is effective at ranges up to 8 meters."
W-Y ID23 Incineration Unit description (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

The Weyland-Yutani ID23 Underbarrel Incineration Unit (also known simply as the ID23), is a underbarrel flamethrower attachment for the NSG 23 Assault Rifle used primarily by the Three World Empire and Weyland-Yutani PMCs.[2]


The ID23 was first designed as an attachment for the NSG 23 Assault Rifle but it can also be connected to other assault rifles.[2]


Coming by default with the NSG 23 Assault Rifle. It has shorter range and reduced fuel supply compared to the Armat M240 Incinerator Unit but its small size made it convenient on the battle field due to its ability to mounted on an assault rifle.[2] Its fuel canister is good for approximately 20 seconds of continuous fire.[1]

Notable Users[]

The ID23 was used alongside the NSG 23 by the Three World Empire's Royal Marines Commandos.[2] Colonial Marines tested it in late 2170s with the NSG 23 but prefered to stay with their M41A Pulse Rifle and M240 Flamethrowers.[2][1]


  • Like the NSG23, the "23" in "ID23" could be a reference to the date the weapon was created (which would likely be 2123, a year after the events of Alien).
  • In Aliens: Colonial Marines, the NSG23s used by NPCs are lacking the underbarrel ID23.
  • The ID23 is unlocked at Marine Level 3 alongside the NSG 23 Assault Rifle.
  • The ID23 worth $700 in 2184.[3]