The Hyperdyne Systems EXP-Series was a series of humanoid combat android manufactured by Hyperdyne Systems during the 22nd century.[1]


Developped at the end of the 2170s, the EXP-Series was a series of expendable combat androids.[1] They got their First Law of Robotics altered so they can harm humans and have a limited lifespan of several weeks.


In the 2180s an experimental EXP1-33 Series named Jaell, was sent to Fort Nebraska for field testing.[1] The model was destroyed or considered lost during the destruction of Fort Nebraska.

In 2192 for Operation: Outreach, a classified Lasalle Bionational mission aiming at interfering and stopping a classified United Americas mission sent to acquire an Xenomorph sample for weapons research, Bionational assassin Patrick Massey was given a full contingent of EXP series. Once the Benedict arrived at destination, the synthetics armed with spatterguns boarded the USCMC ship and managed to take the crew and compliement of Marines hostage due to sabotage by a double agent. The androids were sent planetside with the hostages or board of air pods, to herd them into the local hive to be fodder for the Xenomorphs.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, several air pods were attacked by local flying creatures destroying several them. This allowed a squad of Marines to arm themselves and fight back, taking down more air pods and sniping stranded androids. Any androids that survived the encounter with the Marines were destroyed by the nuclear bombardment by the Marine Sergeant Wilks on board the ship.