"The Hydra is a dangerous combatant in most circumstances, though it excels at attacking tough enemies from range."
Aliens versus Predator: Extinction: Bestiary

The Hydra, or Military Hydra, is a Soldier Caste[1] Yautja brought to bear when the Yautja species engages in warfare with an opponent. They make use of a war-modified Plasmacaster called a Electroshock Missile Battery, which can target several opponents, dousing them in Plasma. As a military Predator, such devastating weapons are only accessible to them, only to be used in times of war, and considered dishonorable on a Hunt.

The other Soldier Caste is the Blazer.


General Information[]


Heavily armored to withstand kinetic, acidic, and fire damage, the Hydra is a military grade Predator designed to wade into the thick of engagement and crush resistance. It excels as a shock trooper, it's missiles especially affecting enemies that can counteract Yautja cloaking, such as Praetorians and Queen Aliens. Mounted on it's back is a personal missile battery that shoots guided Plasma warheads. With it's shocking, armor-piercing blows, enemies with special sensory abilities will be jolted.

If an enemy's numbers warrant it, a single hydra can rain down a storm of plasma shock missiles in order to eliminate the threat. However, this taxes the energy reserves of the predator, meaning a shock barrage cannot be done in tandem with Cloaking. This electroshock storm can upgraded into a Warhead Swarm, in which individual warheads will split into up to 3 sub-missiles.

Tactical Supremacy Armor[]

As a military grade Yautja, the Hydra forgoes the usual light weight Armor of it's hunter caste siblings. Instead, it wears Tactical Supremacy Armor which can withstand all manner of weapon, including Xenomorph blood. This armor affords the Hydra commendable staying power, even when outnumbered. However, armor-rending combatants like snipers and Ravagers can cut down a Hydra with relative ease. The armor also makes the wearer much slower than the average hunter, who is agile and quick. This, combined with the fact the Warheads cannot be used while in motion, means that once a Hydra enters combat, it's options are to win or perish, as fleeing is difficult.