The Hybrid[1] is a non-canon variant of the Xenomorph XX121 (Alien) that was birthed by Susan Welles at the Anchorpoint Station. It was created by William Gibson during the scripting phase. It was featured during William Gibson's Alien 3 and Alien III (audio drama).


The variant is quite different in terms of birth and design. As it is not implanted like the typical Chestburster instead the DNA of the Xenomorph had mixed with human on a molecular level creating an Ovomorph (Egg). When exposed to a host it liquified, recreated itself, then shot spores into the air, thus allowing the hosts to be infected. After "gestating" for a number of hours Welles underwent a violent transfromation where a Xenomorph burst through her body.



The Xenomorphs physical appearance differed due to the presence of human DNA. It had two small beady eyes, a human like nose, and a more flexible inner jaw. It should be noted that vocalizations were not the same as it's bretherin. The fingers were also seperated similar to human fingers. Instead of a the standard six with two pairs it had six individual fingers. It also didn't need to lay eggs or cocoon hosts. Instead opting to injure or maim an intended host however it still displayed the ability to create residue albiet completely differently from the standard Xenomorph.

A rather peculiar event happened during the final moments on the Anchorpoint Station. A Drone had, instead of targeting several humans, opted to kill it right after it was introduced to the survivors. Clawing it's face and ripping it in half.

Inconsistencies in Media

Since the Xenomorph appears in a Comic and Audiodrama there are some differences.


The Xenomorph biting Tatsumi and the fingers

  • During the encounter with Halliday in the comic the Xenomorph kills her when she runs in the water. In the Audiodrama Halliday is instead taken by it during it's attack on Tatsumi.
  • When ambushing Tatsumi it bites his leg in the comic whereas Hicks shoots it and causes acic to spill on him. Which in turn causes the infection.
  • When encountering the group on the docking bay it stalks them in the audiodrama. In the comic it hears them and chases Jackson.
  • Throughout the comic it uses various different sounds when compared to the other Xenomorphs. In the comic it uses low clicking noises rather than screeching.
  • It's size and design also change throughout the comic. Having red beady eyes or cavernous eyes. A standard dome carapace or the human skull with see through carapce. Glaringly though the Xenomorph also seems to develop individual fingers.


  • The concept of particles causing an alien life form to gestate in a host was re-used for the Neomorph.
  • During the Audio Drama Spence describes it as "An ugly mother-" then being cut off. Similar to the often used phrase in the Predator franchise.



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