Ghost 5

Cover to Ghost: Trophy Ghost by Adam Hughes.

Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack! was a comic book crossover event that was created by Dark Horse Comics in 1995. It introduced several of the company's home-grown characters from its Dark Horse Heroes (formerly Comics' Greatest World) line to the Predator creatures. The event consisted of one issue each from the Ghost, Motorhead, Agents of Law and X series. An additional issue of X, Comeback, also teased the appearance of the Predator in the following issue, but was not officially a part of the crossover event. The individual stories were unrelated and could be read in any order, but collectively revolved around a group of Predators that arrives on Earth and begins hunting the respective titular characters.

The crossover was launched in August 1995 with the release of Ghost: Trophy Ghost and Motorhead #1, and concluded with the release of Agents of Law #6 and X: Hell Night the following month.

Hunting the Heroes Comics

Reprint History

The Hunting the Heroes event has never been collected together as a single release or with the other comics from the Predator line. The only existing Dark Horse Heroes trade paperback collection, Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus: Volume 1, does not include any of the Hunting the Heroes issues. However, X: Comeback and X: Hell Night were included in X Omnibus: Volume 2 in August 2008, while issue #5 of Ghost was included in Ghost Omnibus: Volume 1 in October 2008. The issues of Motorhead and Agents of Law featuring the Predator remain uncollected.

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