Hunter Borgia was the CEO of Borgia Industries and the son of Bruno and Isabella Borgia. Together with his mother, Hunter was credited with the reconstruction of Neonopolis after the almost complete destruction of the original city, New Way City, by the Yautja known as Scarface.

Born a stunted weakling with little prospect of long-term survival, Hunter was granted new life when exposed to Scarface's Yautja blood shortly after his birth. Perhaps as a result, Hunter became obsessed with the Yautja, using his family's company to develop and market Prometheus Tech derived from stolen Predator technology. Later in life, Hunter progressed to experimenting on himself genetically to become a Yautja-human hybrid, although he was killed by Scarface before the process could be completed.


Early life[]

"Hunter was a sickly child, I knew it even then. He could never have survived but for the blood."
MOTHER, to Lucretia (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Hunter was born atop a church altar in New Way City on the very night in 1930 that his father Bruno Borgia was slain by the New Way Devil. Born a weak, sick child, Hunter would have died as an infant had he not been exposed to the New Way Devil's blood, splashed onto the newborn baby when his mother Isabella shot the Predator in the eye with a concealed pistol. After New Way City was all but destroyed by the Self-Destruct Device aboard the Predator's ship, Hunter and his mother established Borgia Industries, and used their family company to lead the reconstruction of the city, an act that turned the Borgias into a rich and powerful dynasty. As Borgia Industries continued to grow into an important multinational corporation, Hunter regularly did business with the likes of the Yutani Corporation and Weyland Industries, becoming close personal friends with Weyland founder and CEO Charles Bishop Weyland. He also fathered a daughter, Lucretia.

Hunting Predators[]

Perhaps driven by the knowledge that Yautja blood had spared — and in fact unnaturally prolonged — his life, Hunter become obsessed with the creatures. Under his leadership, Borgia Industries reverse-engineered technology left behind by the New Way Devil and invented Prometheus Tech, highly advanced combat weaponry and equipment that was sold widely to the various criminal gangs in the rebuilt New Way City, now known as Neonopolis. This weaponry was also used by Borgia operatives to capture Yautja that visited Earth, and these captured Predators were then subjected to experimentation at the hands of Borgia Industries scientists. Eventually, the company's actions led the New Way Devil, now known as Scarface, to return to finish the Borgia dynasty and reclaim its stolen technology.

Augmentation and downfall[]

"I'm the boss of this city!"
Scarface, mimicking Bruno Borgia after killing Hunter (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

As Scarface unstoppably butchered his way through the criminal ranks in Neonopolis, Hunter began the next stage of his Yautja research, personally becoming the first test subject for a program intended to fuse human and Yautja DNA in an attempt to create the ultimate super soldier. Hunter was "augmented" with Yautja genetic material, ceasing to be human but instead becoming a human/Yautja hybrid creature. However, the process was interrupted before it could be completed by Lucretia, who was now fleeing from Scarface, knowing that she was likely its next victim. The awakened Hunter, seemingly stripped of his remaining humanity by the augmentation process, coldly killed his own daughter before preparing to face Scarface himself.


Scarface defaces Bruno's statue with his clan symbol, painted in Hunter's hybrid blood.

During the final battle, which took place atop the Borgia headquarters building, Hunter also found himself under attack by Lucretia's loyal Ronin Bodyguard, who were determined to avenge their fallen master's honor. Despite slaying the remaining Ronin with ease, Hunter proved no match for Scarface. After defeating him, Scarface taunted his fallen opponent with a recording of Isabella mocking Hunter as a weak infant who owed his life to Scarface. Scarface then took Hunter's head as a trophy, before using Hunter's hybrid blood to paint his clan's symbol on the face of the huge statue of Bruno Borgia that adorned the roof of the Borgia building.





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