Engineer hologram

A holographic image of an Engineer.

A hologram is an artificial projection of an image in free air. Essentially, the technology is derived from traditional image projectors that would project a two-dimensional image onto a solid surface; however, holograms do not require a solid medium upon which to display an image, and are capable of displaying images that float in thin air. These images may be two-dimensional or, perhaps more commonly, three-dimensional. In the case of the latter, complex three-dimensional forms can be recreated that appear to be entirely realistic, even though they are in fact constructed entirely of light and have no mass or physical presence.


Holograms are used for a wide variety of purposes, although they are typically associated with highly advanced species, such as the Engineers and the Yautja. Common uses include the display of complex, three-dimensional maps (including astral projections), as well as a means to "replay" recorded events — for example, Yautja temples were commonly fitted with holographic projection systems capable of recreating important ceremonies for others to view at a later date.[1] Engineers also possessed technology capable of holographically recording events, as seen inside the Temple on LV-223. By the far future, humans have been able to create 3D holograms, utilizing them in several locations including clubs and bars as exotic dancers.



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