"I'm not going to terminate the alien, Davis. I'm going to harvest it. Alive."
―Dr. Hollis (from Aliens: Defiance)

Doctor Hollis was a microbiologist who aided Private Zula Hendricks and Corporate security drone Davis One on their mission to prevent the Xenomorph species from falling into the Weyland-Yutani Corporation's hands.


Encounter with Zula and Davis

During a Xenomorph infestation aboard the Wright-Aberra fuel depot, Hollis, the fueling stations medical officer, became the last survivor and had succeeded in sealing off certain areas to aid in her survival. At some point during the infestation, Hollis was attacked by a Facehugger and inpregnated with a Queen Chestburster. Hollis meets Zula and Davis in the fuel lines and explains the situation to them.

Hollis suggests that the two wait for backup, much to Zula and Davis' confusion. Hollis reveals that a heavily armed squad of Colonial Marines threatens to cut things short. Davis believes that the marines were there to take a Xenomorph sample back to Earth under Weyland-Yutani's orders. Zula admits to Davis that she has been in contact with Dr. Emi Yang, her physician, back at Luna Tranquility Base.

The group suddenly trigger a containment event protocol. Zula and Davis soon become separated from Hollis and Hollis becomes trapped with several Facehuggers. Hollis is able to hold them off before Zula gets the door open and Davis kills the remaining Facehuggers.


Hollis checks her condition in the mirror.

The three are able to escape on the Europa, destroy the marine's ship before they take a sample, and blow up the fuel depot. Hollis in her own quarters, appearing very sickly, checks herself in a mirror and later goes to the ship's medical bay to have a sonogram scan of herself.

The Queen


Zula and Davis stand over Hollis as she performs on herself.

Back on the Europa, Hollis reveals to Zula and Davis that she is pregnant with a Xenomorph Queen embryo. Hollis says that she wants to surgically remove the embryo so that she can study the specimen, hoping to find a weakness in the alien species. The surgery was a success and Davis hastily throws the Queen Chestburster into a chamber where it is cryogenically freezed. Hollis takes a sample and begins studying it.

Despite appearing okay after the procedure, Hollis becomes infected and is forced to rest in a quarantined bed, her oxygen supply being cut off from the rest of the ship. Zula is seen talking to Hollis before being interrupted by Davis, citing that there is a problem.

It is revealed that the Queen is growing and becoming increasingly restless. As Davis attempt to fix the issue, Zula notices a pirate ship approaching the Europa, with numerous pirates boarding the ship with the intention of obtaining the Queen. Zula and Davis are able to hold off the pirates until Davis becomes seriously wounded. Hollis suggests that they unleash the Queen to use against the pirates. The plan is a success, as Zula releases the Queen from captivity and it slaughters the remaining pirates. Hollis exclaims how the Queen looks barely scratched afterwards. With the ship and her back in critical condition, Zula is left with no other choice but to send coordinates to Earth.

Setting a course for Earth

Zula and Hollis manage to regroup with the wounded Davis as they discuss matters, Zula promises Hollis and Davis immunity to prosecution through Dr Yang, but Davis and Hollis are doubtful of Davis' chances, with Davis believing the company will see him as nothing more than "hardware".

As the Europa approaches Earth's moon, Luna air defense is hostile and begins firing at the Europa after Davis ejects the Queen into space and blows it up, but later ceases after staff back at Luna detect another lifeform aboard the ship and let it go. Zula and Hollis are forced to abandon Davis, who is still in the Europa and eject themselves from the ship in escape pods.


"But biology can be a messy thing, and even though that live sample is gone, we're thinking there may be some alien biomatter left behind, inside you. We're going to take it out. And then everyone gets what they want."
"...And what do I get?""
―The Surgeon and Hollis

Hollis under heavy sedation.

The pod parachutes to Earth with a sudden impact, followed by the Europa that crashes besides them. Zula expresses her dismay as the pod floats further away from the ship, though Hollis tells her that Davis is gone. Several hours pass, until Zula and Hollis are finally seen by military aircraft, where they are seized by several soldiers and sacks are put over their heads.

Hollis is sent to Spirow-Dakota military hospital where she is taken to a facility and is heavily sedated. She is later greeted by three surgeons. The male surgeon tells her that fragments of the Queen may still exist inside Hollis through biomatter, and that they are going to attempt to extract it from her, citing that "everyone gets what they want". Hollis asks, "And what do I get?" to no reply.

Dr. Emi Yang later tells Zula, who is also in the hospital, that Hollis did not survive the procedure.


It can be assumed that the surgery conducted on Hollis was a success, as three years later, it was known that Weyland-Yutani had successfully acquired Xenomorph specimens, propelling the company into new technological advancements such as acid blood-laced bullets and new security drone models known as Franklin. A bio-weapons testing facility was specifically established in a black-sited planet in space, with Zula joining forces with old friend Amanda Ripley-McClaren to destroy the site.




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