The Hive Wars Predator, also known as the Warrior Predator, is an action figure created by Kenner Products for their Predator toy line, and later redesigned by NECA for the NECA Predator toy line. It is a Yautja who ended up stranded on Xenomorph Prime.[1]

The Predator later makes an official appearance in the comic Predator: Life and Death as a member of a tribe of hunters guarding a Juggernaut derelict aboard the planet LV-797.


Stranded for years on Xenomorph Prime, his tribe was killed in a reckless Xenomorph hunt gone awry. Left with nothing but a broken ship and limited supplies, the Hive Wars Predator had proven to be very resourceful, crafting new weapons from the wreckage of his vessel. He lived in isolation, an outcast amongst the enemy, often becoming the hunted himself. He once longed for rescue from the desolate planet, but had since realized that it was the greatest challenge a "true warrior" could ever hope for.[1]

On Xenomorph Prime, the Hive Wars Predator fought and killed numerous Xenomorph Warriors.

Hunt on Tartarus


The Hive Wars Predator mimicking Herrman.

At some point, the Hive Wars Predator and his tribe had landed on the planet LV-797 and discovered an Engineer vessel. Wanting to uncover the derelict's secrets for themselves, the tribe guarded the ship against any intruders, specifically a Seegson excavation squad wanting to asset-strip the planet from it's original buyer. (Weyland-Yutani).

Due to the suspicion of Seegson activity on the planet, the combat ship Hasdrubal and it's 31 USCM crew were assigned to investigate the planet. The tribe immediately began hunting the trespassers, with the Hive Wars Predator and the Cracked Tusk Predator killing three lone marines, Chimo, Garland and Herrman.


The Hive Wars Predator impaling Stefopoulos.

A search party of marines are later sent out to sweep the area, consisting of Rucker, Stefopoulos, Bonito, and Lee. Stefopoulos reports that nothing has been recovered, as the Hive Wars Predator suddenly emerges behind him. The others look on in shock as the Predator impales the marine and then throws his lifeless body at Rucker, toppling him. Bonito begins firing, shouting at Lee to run but is swiftly grabbed by the Predator by the neck and pushed against a tree. Lee tries hitting the hunter with the butt of her pulse rifle but to no avail. The Predator responds by punching her away and stabbing Bonito in the head. Rucker gets up and unloads his Smartgun into the hunter's direction, accidentally directing his line of fire at the recovering Lee, killing her. He manages to wound the Predator, and it retreats into active camo. However, Rucker manages to trace its steps by following its blood from the wound and opens fire upon the hunter, critically wounding it.

As Rucker looks over the dying hunter, it lets out a smile. Suddenly, a group of Predators surround Rucker and are about to close in to kill before marine reinforcements drive them back. In the aftermath, the marines look over the Predator's corpse, alongside another they managed to kill in the firefight. Melville tells the marines about the "hunters", and how dangerous they were to him and the rest of the Seegson excavation team.


Compared to other Yautja, the Hive Wars Predator was armed with weapons and equipment that was usually seen on others like him, however his were more custom. He was equipped with a bio-helmet that resembled the one used by the City Hunter, the only difference being that his helmet had a more skeletal like structure on the forehead. He also was equipped with a half-chest plate of armor, as well as one piece of shoulder armor much like the Jungle Hunter. He also was armed with a Plasmacaster and Medicomp, similar to that of the Jungle Hunter as well.

As his primary weapon, the Hive Wars Predator used a scythe-like staff. He was also one of the few Yautja known to use Wristblades without a wrist gauntlet. His Wristblades were curved, more so than most Yautja's.

List of known victims



  • Although released as part of NECA's Predator toy line, the Hive Wars Predator figure was actually based on a Predator originally released as part of the company's Aliens line.[2][3][4]



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