"Ricardo. They're all here."
"Everyone that's missing. Everyone. They're trapped in some kind of nest. There are eggs. It's... It's like a farm..."
Amanda Ripley and Ricardo, regarding the Hive (from Alien: Isolation)
Hive (Sevastopol)

Inside the Hive.

The Hive on Sevastopol Station was established in the station's engineering section in 2137 by the Xenomorph birthed from Catherine Foster. The Hive consisted of many Drones, Facehuggers and Ovomorphs, but only one Drone was active for most of the time outside of the hive's quarters, seeking more hosts to harvest.[citation needed]


"There are emergency overflow circuits that feed excess power into the local capacitor banks on each tower. If I decouple them and discharge the system, the purge will be external. The nest is right in harm's way."
Amanda Ripley to Ricardo, regarding her plan to destroy the Hive (from Alien: Isolation)
Most of the Hive was eventually destroyed by Amanda Ripley when she initiated a reactor purge by powering up the reactor cores and overloading them, although multiple Drones managed to escape. Ripley later discovered another small Hive that was recently created with Ovomorphs and Facehuggers in another part of the station. Due to how recent the nest is, it lacks any hosts with the exception of one or two victims but most of the eggs are open, indicating that the Facehuggers that are freely roaming the station, came from this nest.

Behind the Scenes

Bradley Wright created concept art for the Hive. One piece of concept art by Wright appears to indicate that the bottom of the reactor was originally going to be covered with Eggs and a blue mist like the one covering the Eggs in the derelict in Alien, as well as being visible from the catwalks. More concept art seems to show that it was originally going to be much bigger and the player was to be in a space suit when exploring it.[1]


  • Unused script files in the game reveal that Ripley was originally supposed to return to the Hive a second time later in the story, at which point she was to find that it had grown considerably larger from when she first discovered it.[2]
  • The exact origin of the Eggs found in the Hive was left deliberately vague by the developers, with both Eggmorphing and an unseen Queen being possibilities. The development team later confirmed that a Queen was responsible, but stated that showing her would not have fit with the game's focus on the first film in the series, and would also have led players to expect a boss-type battle with her, which went against the game's less action-oriented style.[3] As a result, they decided it was better to leave the issue a mystery. As writer Will Porter later said, "She's down there somewhere, in amongst the cacophony, but Ripley was lucky enough not to bump into her."[4]
  • It has been theorized that Foster gave birth to a Queen as what she birthed is never shown, nor is it ever indicated for certain that the Drone is from her, all is said is that there is a "killer" on board and that Foster was patient zero which also indicates an outbreak. The hospital contains at least two more victims of Chestbursters, indicating they were attacked by Facehuggers that were freely roaming the station rather than being taken by the presumed single Drone and cocooned. However, there is a possibility that these victims could have been recently killed as later in the game, one or two Facehuggers do eventually roam the station freely, though they only do this after the nest is destroyed.



Behind the scenes


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