"Hudson? I'm not making that out too well, what is it?"
"You tell me, man, I only work here."
―Lt. Gorman and Pvt. Hudson, upon discovering the Acheron Hive (from Aliens)

The first Hive on LV-426 was established at the colony of Hadley's Hope in 2179, when the settlement was overrun by Xenomorphs. The Xenomorphs, led by the First Acheron Queen, established their Hive in the primary Atmosphere Processing Plant on the moon. The Hive consisted of many Drones, Facehuggers and Ovomorphs.

The Hive was destroyed when the Atmosphere Processor inside which it was located went critical and exploded as a result of damage to its cooling systems. All of the Xenomorphs present at the colony were wiped out in the explosion,[1] although other Aliens elsewhere on the planet, coupled with those produced by Weyland-Yutani experiments, would go on to re-infest the colony in short order.


On July 27, 2179,[2] the United States Colonial Marine Corps' 2nd Battalion Bravo Team arrived at Hadley's Hope aboard the USS Sulaco to investigate a loss of contact with the colony. After only finding one survivor at the colony — Rebecca "Newt" Jorden — Private First Class William Hudson located the rest of the survivors' Personal Data Transmitters in the APP. The Colonial Marines went to investigate, only to come across the Hive. The Xenomorphs in the Hive eventually surrounded the Marines and killed many of them, but in the chaos many weapons were discharged, damaging the Atmosphere Processing Plant's coolant systems. The structure was further damaged when the remaining Marines escaped and called in their Cheyenne dropship Bug Stomper; the ship's crew was attacked by a Drone in-flight, causing the craft to crash into the plant.

With the Atmosphere Processing Plant heavily damaged, it became unstable and was to detonate with the force of a thermonuclear weapon. When the remaining humans noticed the APP's emergency venting, they made plans to escape via their remaining dropship, Smart Ass. However, during their escape, Newt was captured by a Drone and brought to the Hive to be impregnated. Not wanting to leave her behind, Ellen Ripley ventured inside the Hive to rescue Newt with only minutes left before the APP would explode. After saving Newt from a Facehugger, the two wandered into the Queen's chamber, where Ripley opened fire on the Drones, Ovomorphs and the Queen. However, the Queen managed to escape the APP and stow away on the dropship as it took off from Acheron. Meanwhile, the plant finally exploded, destroying the Hive and all remaining Xenomorphs within. The Queen was later killed as well when Ripley ejected her from the Sulaco's airlock.




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