The Hish-qu-Ten ("The People Who Take Territory"),[1] commonly referred to as simply the Hish, are the DH Press representation of the Yautja society. They were first introduced in the novel Predator: Forever Midnight. The Hish are a race of aliens who hunt down other alien species for the Joy of the Hunt.


The Hish are a cold blooded reptilian race that evolved on a hot swamp world. Humanoid in appearance, the Hish are 8 feet tall, towering above most humans. A physically agile and strong race, the Hish surpass even the most athletic humans. The Hish are an impulsive species, often controlled by their own biological urges, the most dangerous of which is brought on by the stimulation of the kill gland.

The kill gland is an evolutionary throw back to the many centuries before the Hish had stolen faster-than-light travel. When stimulated, this gland would produce a secretion that increased strength in a Hish and caused them to kill anything within arms reach. It was one of the only ways to survive in the ancient swamps of the Hish home world. A Hish known as Mas-T'Eall taught the Hish how to suppress the urges from this gland.

The Hish are an phasal hermaphroditic race. They phase between genders - Generative Breeder/Male and Female - involuntarily. Hish are known to always have 6 offspring--spawnlings--at a time. The different genders are almost unidentifiable but females can be told apart from their brighter colored dreadlocks and purple mottling around the jaw.


The Hish society is based on a hierarchy. A single Exquisitely Blooded Great Hierach rules over the Hish race which is then separated into clans, each of which is controlled by its own Clan Leader. While the Great Hierach has indefinite say over matters, they are advised by a Conclave of Clans. The Conclave is a council of members from the most important clans.

The Hish society revolves around clan and family. Most clans consist of a small fleet of ships with at least one mother ship. While most Hish are down on the planet hunting, spawnlings will usually stay on board the mother ship. Each Hish clan has its own codes, rites and rituals and tend to be very strict with the following of them. There is one recorded case in which two clans attempted to merge together and ended in disaster. Due to the strong willed nature of the members of each clan, the merge was anything but smooth, showing how stubborn minded the Hish are in their ways. The merge was only attempted in order to save both clans from destruction but their inability to reconcile each other's ways led to the destruction of a hunting party comprised of members from each clan.

Known Clans

  • Clan Kuk - This clan had exclusive rights over Safari Planet 3998. Lead by Shesh-Kuk.
  • Clan Karepta - The leader of Clan Karepta launched a nuclear attack on a rival clan while under the influence of the kill gland.


The Hish language is very complex and based on guttural sounds created using the unique mouths of the Hish.

  • Hish-qu-Ten - The People Who Take Territory
  • Kuk - Grip
  • Shesh - Strong
  • Huk - Kill

Slave Races

  • Amengi - An insectoid race that was conquered by the Hish. The Amengi are responsible for the building and operation of Hish ships and technology.


  • One of the three playable Predators available with the Predator DLC for Mortal Kombat X is known as the Hish-Qu-Ten Predator.
  • NECA recently announced a new figure known as the "Alpha Predator" (which is also an upcoming playable character in Predator: Hunting Grounds).


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