Hiroki Shimura[2] was a Chigusa Corporation employee and the former administrator of the Prosperity Wells colony on Ryushi. He was in the process of handing over command of the colony to his successor Machiko Noguchi when the settlement was subjected to a devastating assault by a group of Yautja and the Xenomorphs they had unleashed on the planet. The incident led to the destruction of the colony and the death of several of its inhabitants.

Shimura was killed by the Bad Blood Yautja Tichinde when the creatures overran the colony complex.


He stayed on Ryushi long enough to help out his replacement, Machiko Noguchi. Who, in contrast to Hiroki's friendly nature, tended to keep to herself. He held Machiko with respect and often tried to push along the transition of power and responsibility to her.

He is scheduled to depart two weeks later, but meanwhile, he convinced Machiko to make a round inspection with him, and in the process, try to make some friends among the ranchers. This actually works, because Machiko starts to appreciate Ryushi after seeing a sunset. Later, Hiroki organized a party for the crew of the Lector upon arrival.

When the Yautja and Xenomorphs attacked the colony, Hiroki lead a defense team to protect the Eastern Gate. Despite killing some of the Predators his team dwindled to only a couple of people. They made their last stand in the Eastern Lock Control room. After several desperate minutes of communication to the civilian complex and Noguchi, Hiroki's position becomes compromised. Out of ammunition for his rifle, he charges a predator head on, using his rifle like a club, and is subsequently killed.

Personality & Traits

He got along well with the people of Prosperity Wells, and always kept a clear head. His calm persona avoided many problems between the Ranchers and the Chigusa Corporation (most problems were concerning the Ranchers' wages).




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