Herk Mondo is a professional mercenary and self labelled "professional bug hunter." Mondo is the owner/proprietor of Mondo Pest - a one-man interplanetary pest extermination service centered on hunting and killing Xenomorphs.

Following this passion, Mondo has faced off against the Aliens on a number of a worlds through a number of encounters. His one-man efforts against the bugs has earned Mondo a reputation across the galaxy, and he is even known and respected amongst the rank-and-file of the Colonial Marines.


Whilst a squad of marines were battling a horde of aquatic Xenomorphs on the planet Bracken's World, Herk Mondo personally saved marine Carmen Vasquez and assisted them in finishing the horde off. After taking off for "brewski time", Joseph Henry was confused with Herk's presence and asked who he was. Sergeant Nyland cited Mondo as a "living legend" whom the marines used to tell stories about in boot camp.



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