Henry Flint is a British comic book artist who has provided art for several comic books in Dark Horse Comics' Aliens and Predator lines.


Well known and respected in the UK, Flint has worked mainly for premiere British sci-fi anthology comic 2000 AD, and specifically with its flagship character, Judge Dredd.

Flint has established a cult following for his detailed and inventive work on series such as Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors, Shakara, and Low Life.

Flint has also worked across the Atlantic for various American publishers and titles, even bringing along Judge Dredd for the ride, as with his work as artist on the Judge Dredd versus Aliens: Incubus series. He also drew a Boba Fett story for the Star Wars Tales anthology series, following in the footsteps of fellow 2000 AD contributor-turned-Boba Fett artist Kam Kennedy.

More recent projects for Flint have included drawing a six-issue mini-series of the Omega Men written by Andersen Gabrych for DC Comics which commenced in October 2006 and inking Deathblow for Wildstorm Comics.

His most recent projects were Vertigo's relaunch of The Haunted Tank in December 2008 and the video game-based Gears of War series for Wildstorm.


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