82 Eridani II, officially dubbed Helene 215, was a Three World Empire planet orbiting the star 82 Eridani approximately 20 light years Trailward-Rimward from Earth.


When the United States Colonial Marine Corps deployment structure was established as per the National Security Act of 2101, the USCMC's Eridani Marine Space Force was headquartered at Happy Days Base on Helene 215.[2]

In 2148, the corporate colonies of the Central Space Consortium—including those located on Helene 215—declared independence from their parent government, the Three World Empire, and launched an uprising. The United Americas Allied Command cut off supply routes to Helene 215 in response and an armed conflict ensued, with the Colonial Marines and Royal Marines Commandos jointly mobilizing against the combat synthetics of the CSC. In 2150, all three parties resolved to negotiate, resulting in the '51 New Deal being signed in 2151. This deal returned Helene 215 to the 3WE, and recognized the CSC's autonomy as the newly-minted Independent Core System Colonies. Unwilling to accept these terms, local governor K. Watabe enlisted the forces of the Union of Progressive Peoples to beat both the RMC and USCMC off of Helene 215. The rebelling Shinowa and Tokonigara colonies were eventually neutralized by the USCMC after a lengthy and brutal campaign, with order being restored by 2153.

Climate and terrain[]

Helene 215's surface featured jungle.

Points of interest[]

The Eridani Marine Space Force was headquartered at Happy Days Base. Two colonies, Shinowa and Tokonigara, were also located on the planet.