Helene 215 (82 Eridani II) was a planet located in the American arm of the colonized space, and was the location of the Headquarters of Space Marine Force Eridani of the U.S. Colonial Marines, specifically at Happy Days.

Helene was also the location of many battles between the Marines and an enemy only known as "Beebops".


When the Colonial Marines structure was established as per National Security Act of 2101, the Marine Space Force Eridani is headquartered at Happy Days, Helene 215.

In Tokonigara, a woman "Beebop" died when some marine shoots at the flamethrower canister she was carrying.

PFC Doug Boone was shot by a Japanese 8.1 mm explosive round and survived, as other marines also were shot and survived, he theorized the "Beebop" has problems with quality control in their munition factories.

The dropship UD4J "Loose Moose" served as an airborne command post at Shinowa colony.

Lieutenant Pan Ho San and 4 other from the 21st Combat Cadre infiltrated the marines perimeter wearing thermal masking equipment but the sentry guns opened fire at private Xong, who failed to switch off his IFF, which acts as a beacon for the sentry guns. Pan Ho San was captured by the Marines.

Cpl. Adam "Moose" Rakunas from the 3rd Combat Engineering Batallion learned the bunny dropping trick, in which bunnies always ended activating Anti-Personal mines but not the anti-tank mines as those required more weight over it. As the enemy also know the fact, the Corporal laid the mine fields covering them with bunny droppings.

Major Harrison Gerrity from the USCM Corps of Engineers cleared a landing zone but can only clear enough space for the landing pads, the Powerloaders carried equipment through the jungle from there to the forward position.