"Warning. Warning. Airlock open. Air pressure compromised. Throw the Alien out and shut the bloody door."
AI, from Conker

Heinrich was the name of a xenomorph that appeared in the Nintendo 64 Adult platformer, Conker's Bad Fur Day and its subsequent remake on Microsoft's Xbox system, Conker: Live and Reloaded. It serves as the surprise final boss in both versions.


Prior to Heinrich's reveal, the player is lead to believe the final confrontation in the game would be with the Panther King, the primary antagonist whom had been causing the game's events up to that point. It's not until the confrontation where the Panther King begins doubling back before ultimately succumbing to the xenomorph inside him as it bursts out through his chest.

Acting as if it were his own offspring, Professor Von Kripplesac, the secondary antagonist, reveals that he had implanted the egg inside the King (though he didn't explain how, fans speculate that he implanted an egg in the King through the latter's milk-drinking habits).

Heinrich emerges full grown, having completely skipped the Chestburster stage in a similar, but more graceful, manner to the Runner. The Professor admires and shows affection to the Xenomorph, christening it "Heinrich" before setting it on Conker. Using a Power Loader-like suit, Conker must attempt to throw the Xenomorph out the airlock, both an homage as well as affectionate parody of Ellen Ripley's fight with the First Acheron Queen.


Being a parody by nature, Heinrich possesses various traits from several different castes of Xenomorph, and as such does not distinctly fit in to any one caste. More specifically, Heinrich bares the most resemblence to the Drone and Runner aliens. Its head is a smooth carapace, much like those two, and it walks in a permanent quadrupedal stance. It is about the size of a queen, likewise, requiring heavy machinery to be taken down. In the original Nintendo 64 version, Heinrich's skin is a black/dark grey colour, matching the Drone, while in the remake, it is a largely unique teel-mint colour with darker blue stripes and grey-pink lips. Worth noting is that the underside of its elongated head is flat, likely due to graphical limitations in the original version. Because of this, and the blue colour in the Xbox version, this causes Heinrich to also bear striking resemblance to the Deacon.


  • The only real trait Heinrich seemed to have gotten from its host was its roar. The Xenomorph roared almost exactly like Panther King.
  • It's caste is unknown, however it appears drone-like and is roughly queen sized, making it comparable to a Palatine.
  • While it is an obvious homage/parody of the final sequence in Aliens, it is also a parody of Super Mario 64, as Heinrich's defeat requires him to be spun around by and thrown by its tail.
  • Its blood seems to lack the same acidity as other Aliens. At worst, Conker notes it ruined the rug in the throne room, doing no other obvious damage.