Hassan was the captain of the fuel depot Sphacteria orbiting the gas giant Pylos. He was one of the crewmembers to suddenly experience a Xenomorph infestation after encountering a mysterious vessel.


The vessel

After an unknown vessel approaches the station, Hassan attempts to make contact with the ship, to no success. Hassan arranges for the rest of the crew that they'll take their shuttle to investigate whilst Communications Officer Rook stays aboard the Sphacteria in the flight deck.

The crew board the ship and explore its interior, eventually leading them to a hypersleep chamber, with three humans in cryosleep. Hassan wishes to open them up, though Park advises against it. After Wascylewski tinkers with the system, tells Park to flip the switch. However, something goes awry. The coolant tank breaks and the chambers begin violently overheating, burning the members in stasis alive. The crew manage to break open the pods and evacuate the victims back into the Sphacteria, where medical officer Harrow and crewmember Park are attempting to sedate the burnt passengers in life support. Wassy quickly leaves with a bottle of alcohol. Hassan stops him, citing that he can "get drunk on [his] own time" but now, he needs him to decipher the lone vessels logs and see what he can find. Though Wassy is clearly annoyed at this, Hassan tells him to stop pouting, as all of their careers are on the line now after Hassan broke protocol by letting three unlicensed passengers on their ship.


Hassan being snatched up by a Xenomorph.

Wassy, alongside Hassan, Rook and Torrenson recovers data that reveals that the ship's last entry had them exchanging supplies for Chinese Yuan, with only frontier colonies in desolate space still using the currency. Wassy deduces that if the crew initiated emergency procedures aboard the ship, then the vessel would autopilot them to the nearest corporate location, in this case, the Sphacteria. Additionally, he identifies that the ship originally contained eight crewmembers, not three. Hassan is about to tell him to continue his analysis before Harrow calls Hassan to the medbay. The whole crew rush to the medbay where they see Park and Harrow attempting to hold down a seizing patient. Wassy looks on in horror as two of the three passengers birth Chestbursters that escape into the depths of the ship.



Hassan cocooned.

After an unknown period of time of searching for the two creatures, Hassan is suddenly snatched up into a ventilation in front of Wassy, Park and Torrenson's very eyes. It is later established that the Aliens had created a hive within the depths of the station and had taken Hassan there and cocooned him. Wascylewski is also later taken there, but manages to escape. He reluctantly leaves his captain behind.


As with most of the other crewmembers of the Sphacteria, Hassan was a visibly tired individual who clearly disliked his boring life and job out in secluded space.


  • Hassan bears a striking visual similarity with character Dallas, who in turn was Captain of the USCSS Nostromo.


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