Hashori[1] was a female a Yautja and leader of the Widow Clan. She is contacted by the Synthetic Liliya and summarily takes her aboard her warship, the Zeera Za.

Appearance and Personality

The book describes Hashori as being nine feet tall and bare of any clothing except a crotch-piece and leather straps around her chest. Her torso is scarred up with old battle wounds and she has small eyes. Hashori does not wear any weapons or have any armor. She is also notably the only Predator in the franchise to speak and understand English near-fluently.

In "Incursion"

Hashori hails from the Widow Clan, an apparent clan of female hunters who have lost their mates. She receives the Synthetic Liliya, the Synth on a diplomatic mission, but the Predator only wishes to torture her and proceeds to do so, not interested in anything she has to say until days later. Originally weaponless, she strikes Liliya with lethal chains and other torture devices. The chains in particular are tipped in eggs, which are left in the wounds she makes, that eat the host from the inside and cause agonizing pain.

Despite this, Liliya continues to try and help Hashori and her clan fight against the Fire Lizards and Beatrix, a women who has it out for the clan and an army of 2000 Xenomorphs to destroy them with. However, during the attack from the later, Hashori and Liliya board a ship she constructed with advanced cloaking technology and escape. Only now, after some of her people have died, does she listen to Liliya.



  • Hashori is far larger than any other adult predator seen, at 9 feet. This may suggest that females, or some females, are larger than males. However, Wendigo was said to be smaller (and female) while Big Mama, another female, did not appear larger than any male. This could mean Hashori is just unusually tall.
  • Hashori is described as being widowed, meaning her clan may have practiced monogamy. This does not correspond with other accounts of the hunters, the males taking many mates and siring many pups, but their Clan may just be unique in its mating practices. Either this or one male has many wives.



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