Guardian,[2] also known as Gort,[2] was a Yautja encountered by Mike Harrigan aboard the Yautja Mother Ship hidden beneath Los Angeles in 1997. He was a member of the Los Angeles hunting party.


Guardian and his clan mates confronted Harrigan after he killed the City Hunter in single combat. Knowing Harrigan had defeated their kin in a fair duel, they silently collected the City Hunter's body, while the hunting party's leader Greyback honored him with an ancient flintlock pistol and let him go. Guardian and the other Predators subsequently left Earth and were not seen again.



  • Guardian's alternate name, "Gort", is possibly as a reference to the robot Gort from the 1951 science fiction film The Day The Earth Stood Still.
  • Notably, Guardian's Plasmacaster is mounted on his right shoulder, whereas other Predators typically mount the weapon on their left.
  • Guardian's bio-helmet is in fact the original helmet created for the Jungle Hunter in Predator, which was rejected early in production.[3] The helmet worn by Celtic in Alien vs. Predator seems to have been based on this design. The bio-helmet worn by Scarface in the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle is also very similar.
  • NECA released Guardian's helmet on the body of the "Classic" Predator, where it was named Gort. Released as a SDCC 2011 exclusive, it was available on Amazon and has been put on sale on the auction site eBay. NECA has since released another figure of the Predator dubbed "Guardian Predator" as part of Series 5.
  • The Hong Kong based company Hot Toys released Guardian as part of the Predator 2 collection.
  • Kotobukiya released "Gort" as part of the Predator 2 tiny statue range.




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