"I want someone special to look after our interests."
Green to Red (from Aliens: Outbreak)

Known only by the nickname "Green Silks", or simply "Green", the Lasalle Bionational senior Vice President was known for the flashy green silk dress suits he wore and worked with a fellow executive who wore flashy red dress suits.


This executive, along with his friend, worked to keep a monopoly on this bio weapons system. The two men conspired to thwart the Terran Government's attempt to acquire a creature for themselves in 2192. Green was known for using a drug called Devil Dust.

The two executives sent their best man for the job to deal with the government's expedition and left the details up to him. The two men would often discuss the state of the mission, Massey's background or the acquired specimen they had in their San Antonio Facility. After the creature hatched, it was moved to the Lima Facility where it eventually molted into a Queen. The executive and his friend talked about what they were going to do with their bonuses: Green talked about getting a new android while his friend discussed buying a mansion in Hawai'i. Unfortunately, the facility was breeched in an assault by a former employee who worshiped the creature. The facility's self-destruct fail safe kicked in and took out the specimen and several of the now infected cultists.

The facility's fail safe didn't destroy all the infected cultists however and rumors spread that nests were located around the globe. The executive, his friend, and the project leader were summoned to a meeting with a Dr. Orona, who was aware of the company's specimen. The doctor, who worked for the Terran Government confronted the executives and scientist on the state of affairs and that nests were popping up and that he expected full cooperation from the three men in dealing with the situation. The containment plans of the government failed and the executive's fate during and after the infestation of Earth is unknown.


  • Both executives, known only as Green and Red, notorious for wearing green and red colored designer suits, were mistakenly given blue and grey suits when the comic series was republished in color following the release of the it's novelization Aliens: Earth Hive.