The Gorilla Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Alien was a variant of Xenomorph that was the product of a Facehugger impregnating a tetrabrachial (four armed) species of animal primate indigenous to the planet Zeevan where the Space Marines also encountered a Queen Gorilla Alien that had retained the tetrabrachial physiology (technically making it semi-hexabrachial because of the pair of smaller ventrally positioned arms featured on Xenomorph Queens) of the host species (whilst the lesser caste only had two arms).

A variety of Xenomorphs spawned from regular Earthborn Gorillas were also encountered by the Colonial Marines of the USS Sephora in a Weyland-Yutani research facility on Phobos in 2179. The Marines also encountered what appeared to be a Praetorian Gorilla Xenomorph.


  • The Gorilla Alien toy was shipped with the Aliens: Space Marines mini-comic Aliens: Jungle Attack.
  • NECA released the Gorilla Alien as part of a line of Kenner-inspired products in Series 10 of the Aliens figures.
  • The Gorilla Alien featured in Aliens: Jungle Attack was also able to spit acid.
  • The Gorilla Alien's original design was quite different from the finalized product. This version featured a prominent double-layered crest as well as a pair of small wing-like structures on its back. It was much sticker than the final design and notably possessed nostrils, something which no unaltered Xenomorph has. This design was featured on old packaging and most notably appeared in a bright-pink color on the Operation: Aliens Combat Game's gameboard and box-art.



See Also

  • Snatcher - A similar type of Xenomorph, spawned from smaller apes such as chimpanzees.


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