"All I can think about is making them pay."
―Captain Glass

Glass was the leader of a platoon of Colonial Marines sometime after the events of Aliens vs. Predator: Prey. He and his team were sent to investigate an XT distress signal on the planet Ryushi. Soon he and his team were attacked by the battling Xenomorphs and Yautja. Only he remained alive, and helped the last surviving Yautja kill a Predalien.


Mission to Ryushi[]

Glass and his team were dispatched to the ranching planet Ryushi to investigate an XT distress signal. Every Colonial Marine knew the events on the planet Acheron (LV-426), an event that started with an XT distress signal, and many were worried about the possibility of Xenomorphs on the planet. Glass pulled the team together and landed on the planet. They first investigated the cabin of Machiko Noguchi, who had disappeared for reasons unknown to the marines long ago. As they drove to the source of the distress signal, Glass studied the 3-D reconstructions of the Xenomorphs the Weyland-Yutani Corporation had supplied.

They discovered the source of the distress signal, a crashed Yautja starship; it was here that Glass realized that the ships' schematics was very different from the derelict they found, making the information all but useless to them. They carefully entered the ship, and killed a half-starved native Briar Wolf that had startled them. Continuing deeper into the ship, finding not only a half-crushed skeletalized Yautja corpse (which the Briar Wolf had been feeding upon) but also an unconscious Yautja and a supposedly dead Xenomorph Queen. As they moved the unconscious Predator out of the ship, the Queen awoke and killed one of the Marines. They fired on it, with Glass deciding to get off the planet with their survivor. As they hurriedly exited the ship, Xenomorph Drones burst out of the ground and killed another Colonial Marine. They fired their way through the Xenomorphs, but were soon surrounded. Just as the Aliens were about to wipe out Glass and his Marines, a trio of Yautja hunters decloaked and jumped from the cliffs around the crashed ship.

Glass ordered his men not to fire on the Yautja, since they were on a mission to rescue them, a decision Glass would later regret. As they decided that the Yautja, who were using advanced weaponry to rapidly exterminate the Xenomorphs, did not need their help, they pulled the unconscious Yautja to their heavily armed ATV. One of the predators, who happened to be Light-Stepper advanced on the squad and they attempted communication, only resulting in the death of yet another Marine. At this point they attempted to flee in their ATV, and fired at the one Predator that had just killed their squadmate, which cloaked in order to escape. Another cloaked Predator fired its Plasmacaster at the ATV and boarded the vehicle. Glass noticed the faint shimmer of the cloaking device and killed the Yautja, realizing the things could be killed. They quickly sped away, running over several Xenomorphs before escaping.

The Marines regrouped at Naguchi's cabin. Glass ordered their pilot to pick them up and get off Ryushi. At that moment, the unconscious Predator began convulsing. Glass realized what was happening as a chestburster exploded out of the Yautja's chest. Their sergeant ordered the Marines to kill it, but suddenly he was killed by a Predator's Plasmacaster. They scrambled to escape the planet as their ship appeared in the sky. In the confusion, the communications relay was disconnected. Glass radioed the pilot, but saw the disconnected relay, just as the Predators fired on and destroyed the ship.

Glass Bandanna

Glass dons the bandanna.

The remaining Marines sped away from Naguchi's cabin in the ATV, killing one of the Predators with the ATV's cannons. They decided to regroup at the long-abandoned Prosperity Wells colony, noting how it was now essentially a scrapyard. They made a camp at the ruins, setting mines set to explode at the press of a remote. Glass allowed the other Marines to get some sleep, but he himself was focused on killing the Predators. It was at this point that he removed the platoon's flag from its setting (despite it having only just been set up) to fashion himself a bandanna. Just as they settled in, the Predalien chestburster crawled out from the bottom of the ATV and killed two of the Marines. It ran out into the desert, just as the motion tracker went off, indicating cloaked Yautja. Glass detonated the landmines, killing one of the two remaining Yautja.

Glass and France, now the last remaining Marines, ran into the desert to escape. France was in an absolute panic ever since the Predalien killed both Sali and Reed, and soon panicked as he saw a shadow, firing the last few bullets in his pulse rifle, leaving both of the soldiers without any ammunition. The Predalien jumped out and killed France, leaving Glass the last human left alive. Much to his horror, Glass was then cornered by the last Predator, who had followed the Predalien. However, instead of killing Glass, the Yautja turned his attention to the Predalien. As the two aliens battled, Glass made the split-second decision to help the Predator when he saw it start to lose. After a vicious fight, Glass and the Yautja sat down, exhausted, with the Predalien lying dead on the ground. The two warriors gained a newfound respect for each other, or as Glass said, "Maybe we were just too tired to fight each other anymore." Glass and the Yautja then waited, to see whose allies would show up first.

In Aliens vs. Predator: War, Machiko Naguchi confronted a similar looking Yautja boarding the predator ship she was riding. The Yautja in question wore Capt. Glass's flag/bandanna (or a similar one) on its wrist, possibly hinting that Glass became a victim of the Yautja in the end, but it is also possible that Glass just simply gave it to the Yautja out of respect and he could still be on the planet.

Personality & Traits[]

He was strong willed, and knew the need for revenge, but he also knew the importance of keeping a clear head, after several members of his team were killed by the Aliens and Predators.



  • Sergeant Lesser
  • Sali — Field Medic
  • Murphy — Dropship Pilot
  • Magyesi — Communications Officer
  • Bowen
  • Carlson
  • Cogletti
  • France
  • Reed


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